rhythm and rhyme in Regina, SK, Canada

Program Information

Waldorf-Inspired Education

“Come to the circle where dreams are found, take my hand and dance around” is the opening invitation to play, explore, and discover at Abbey Playschool.

Being a Waldorf-Inspired school can mean different things:

  • gentle and predictable rhythm of the days and weeks
  • traditional handcraft activities
  • painting and gross motor activities
  • seasonal festivals from around the world
  • storytelling and art activities.

Each transition within the day, whether it is from play time to circle time or snack to art, is accompanied by a gentle song to facilitate smooth transitions for the children. This approach focuses on feeding the head, the hands and the heart of all children.


Program Option for Little Ones

We have 2 spots for children under 3 years of age for the 2016/2017 school year.  The children are involved in as much of our program as they are developmentally ready. It has been a fantastic experience for all! Registration for this program is limited to 2 spots.

The Beauty of Storytelling

Through storytelling the children learn the rhythm of speech, how our language flows, and new words to expand their vocabulary. In addition, the stories teach social skills like being truthful, cooperating with others, or respecting the environment. We explore science of how a seed grows, or the many roles and responsibilities of being part of a family and community.  By telling a story, rather than reading from a picture book, the children become active participants in the story: imagining the scene, the characters, and the action.

Rhythm of our weeks

Because of the rhythmic pattern of the Waldorf philosophy, each type of activity has its own day.  Monday is watercolour painting. Tuesday is Baking Day. Wednesday is Handwork/Creation Day and can include activities such as papier mache, molding, felting, or sewing. To round out the week, Thursday is Games Day. All children are encouraged to participate in each activity, but are welcome to continue playing quietly if they choose to not participate.



Free Play

Children learn through play, and with that in mind, materials are chosen with care and deliberation. We focus on natural wooden toys that encourage children to exercise their imaginations by allowing for open-ended play which means that the children get to decide what each object can become. We also keep the number of toys to a minimum to support the peaceful atmosphere of the classroom.

Snack Time

The children are invited to help prepare all parts of our snack from the actual baking to setting the table. We gather at the table to light our candle and share our meal.  This is a time to not only nourish the body, but also to nourish friendships and develop feelings of being capable.  The children serve themselves with real utensils, dishes, and glasses.  We learn to take care of fragile things and if something happens to break, we learn how to safely clean up.  As the children finish eating they place their dishes into the sink and return to the play area, the rest of the children continue to eat. 

Home and Playschool Connection

We hold special events for the whole family at least twice per year. Parents are always welcome in our classroom and on field trips to volunteer or to just spend time enjoying the activities.