rhythm and rhyme in Regina, SK, Canada


Before Painting:

Now I take the brush so gently

In my hand with loving care.

Watch the color flow so softly

On the paper clean and clear.


Bread Making:

The bread has risen oh so slowly
Look how fat its belly has become!
Let’s wake it up with a gentle punch
And tickle it tickle it thin…
Then I will roll it and shape it
Until it giggles with glee
And pop it in the warm comfy oven
And then into my tummy!


Home Time:

Our work is done, our day is past,

We’ll go our separate ways.

And I will hold so tight and fast

What I have learned today.

I’ve given with my heart and mind

The effort that it needs.

And I will strive in me to find,

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.