rhythm and rhyme in Regina, SK, Canada


Gathering Song:

Hey ho, gather round my friends.

Life is calling, calling us today.

Listen to what life is saying; listen to what life is saying.

(continue until all children are gathered)

Opening Circle:

Good morning Dear earth; good morning Dear sun.

Good morning Dear trees and the flowers everywhere.

Good morning Dear beasts and the birds in the trees.

Good morning Dear you and good morning Dear me!

Ritsch, ratsch:

Ritsch, ratsch, filibom-bom-bom,
filibom-bom-bom, filibom-bom-bom
Ritsch, ratsch, filibom-bom-bom,
filibom-bom-bom, filibom!

The Ever Popular Tree Song:

Standing like a tree with my roots dug down.

My branches wide and open.

Down comes the rain.

Down comes the sun.

Down comes the moon to our hearts that are longing to be…

Standing like a tree with my roots dug down. (repeat as often as you like)

This version is rooted in “Standing like a Tree” by Betsy Rose